Wayne State offers free 31-day Dart passes to students, good on DDOT, SMART and the QLINE

Wayne State continues to make getting around campus easier by offering enrolled students free 31-day Dart passes. The passes are activated upon use and good for unlimited rides on DDOT and SMART buses, and the QLINE streetcar.

Detroit has seen significant advances in mobility in recent years, including the QLINE, MoGo and SMART's limited-stop FAST bus routes. Last spring, DDOT and SMART launched a unified payment system, Dart, which represents another big step forward. Dart passes are available in 4-hour, 24-hour, 7-day and 31-day increments and riders can use them interchangeably on DDOT (city) and SMART (suburban) buses, and the QLINE streetcar, which runs along Woodward Ave. between New Center and Downtown.

Nearly 500 students have claimed a free 31-day Dart passes since Wayne State began offering them in November of 2019. The passes are available on a first-come, first-served basis via The W Food Pantry, which is open from 4:00p-8:00p Monday through Thursday and 2:00p-6:00p on Sundays. The W is using the Corq app for check-in. Enrolled students are eligible for one pass per month.

"We're so excited to be working with the university on this initiative," said Rai Williams-Fox, Coordinator of Student Life Wellness in the Dean of Students Office. "The DART passes have been flying out the doors, and being a distributor of the passes has helped raise awareness of The W Food Pantry and gives students another reason to visit us."

Wayne State has been an active contributor and partner in mobility services such as the QLINE and MoGo, and is pleased to offer free 31-Day Dart passes to interested students. These partnerships are part of the university's ongoing efforts to create a 24/7 campus that is active, safe and easy to navigate.

"I'm so excited and thankful that Wayne State is distributing free Dart passes to students," said Hannah Wagner, a second year Wayne Law student and a frequent DDOT rider. "Providing passes not only benefits the students using them, but the university as a whole by making it more accessible and affordable to attend."

Wayne State established WayneRides in 2018 with the goal of increasing knowledge and use of local transportation and mobility options. WayneRides programming is coordinated by student Transportation Ambassadors, in partnership with the Dean of Students Office, Office of Economic Development and Parking and Transportation. Learn more about WayneRides here or email transit@wayne.edu.

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