The Office of Economic Development helps make the Wayne State campus and all of Midtown vibrant and safe for students, staff, residents, businesses and visitors.


Vibrant public places help build a stronger campus, neighborhood and city. Placemaking is a core component of Wayne State's effort to create a 24-hour-campus and foster connections within the campus community and with our neighbors. We lead several Placemaking Initiatives and coordinate our student PlaceMakers to make our campus more interactive and engaging.

Woodward | Warren Park

Wayne State University has transformed its two-acre greenspace at corner of Woodward and Warren into an active, family-friendly public park! Woodward | Warren Park is a part of ongoing efforts by Wayne State to create a vibrant, 24/7 campus that engages both the Wayne State and broader Midtown communities. From June to October, the park will be staffed and programmed six days a week by Wayne State's Office of Economic Development and Detroit Experience Factory. Join us!

Transit & Mobility

We work to create a pedestrian-friendly campus and diversify transit options in Midtown and beyond. We helped bring Zipcar to campus and Detroit Bike Share started in our office. Every fall, we partner with the Office of Housing and Residential Life and the Detroit Department of Transportation to provide free one-month bus passes to all students living on campus. And we are partners in key transit and mobility projects that will change the face of Midtown, including the M-1 Rail and the Midtown Greenway. To learn more about campus transit resources, click here

Housing & Neighborhood Development

We work with numerous partners within and outside Wayne State to attract and retain new residents, and to ensure that the university's real estate development strengthens the neighborhood. We are a partner in the Live Midtown initiative, which has attracted and retained more than 1,600 residents in the neighborhood since 2011. We are also partnering with several university departments and a private developer on The Vernor at Cass & Canfield, a nine-story, mixed-use development that will include apartments, retail shops, and a hotel/conference center in the South University Village District.

Public Safety

We support the work of the Wayne State University Police Department to drastically reduce crime rates in the neighborhood. As a result of Wayne State's collaborative approach to public safety, which utilizes the CompStat policing model, Midtown has experienced a 59% drop in crime since 2009. Today, Midtown is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city, safer than many suburban areas. Key partners in Wayne State's pioneering public safety efforts include the Center for Urban Studies and the Americorps Urban Safety Program. Read more about WSUPD's role in revitalizing Midtown in the New York Times.